Meet the Melbourne trained chef serving an Aussie style breakfast in Paris

First broadcast June 10 on RN’s Blueprint For Living. For years the world has looked to France and its capital Paris to learn how to cook and eat. But what can Australians teach… Continue reading

How will UK attacks impact on voters?

First broadcast June 6 on ABC Radio Melbourne’s Drive program with Raf Epstein. The UK has been hit by three acts of terror in less than three months: the Westminster attack in late… Continue reading

Food Neighbourhoods: Seville

First broadcast May 30 on Monocle 24. This is a piece I produced and recorded for Monocle 24’s Food Neighbourhoods series. Each week listeners get a tour of an area locals know for its… Continue reading

Fisherman: Rory’s ‘Wonder’ Wedding

Below is a story I produced for BBC Radio 5 Live. On the night of golfer Rory McIlroy’s wedding we were looking to get a local reaction to the influx of celebrities. I… Continue reading

Food Neighbourhoods: Manchester

First broadcast on April 11 on Monocle 24. This is a piece I produced and recorded for Monocle 24’s Food Neighbourhoods series. Each week listeners are shown around an area locals know for… Continue reading

A date with a restaurant regular

Originally broadcast March 23 on ABC Radio National’s Life Matters. Ninety-year-old Francis Palmer lives in the small town of Trentham, in the Victorian countryside. For many years Francis has taken lunch each Saturday… Continue reading

A helping hand through the process of dying

Originally broadcast February 28 on ABC Radio National’s Life Matters program. When I first heard Annie’s story about how a short love and life completely changed the direction of her life I was… Continue reading

AUDIOGRAM: Making audio shareable on social media

In conjunction with 774 Drive’s technical operator Ross Richardson I pioneered the use of audiogram at the ABC. An open-source tool created by WNYC, Audiogram turns grabs or interviews into short videos that can… Continue reading

FIRST ON 774 DRIVE: Apollo bay retiree’s brush with prickly koala

Browsing a community site on Facebook I stumbled across this beautiful video of a Victorian man brushing burrs off a koala. I immediately contacted Bruce Atkinson and asked if I could share the… Continue reading

VIDEO: Raf takes on Olympic champ in the velodrome

In the lead up to the 2016 Rio Olympics 774 Drive arranged for presenter Rafael Epstein to race five-time Olympic track cyclist Shane Kelly in the velodrome. To complement the on-air interview I… Continue reading